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  • What is the lifespan of the decals?
    All decals are made from a permanent adhesive vinyl that is rated for a minimum of 5 year outdoor use, or 10+ year indoor use as long as the decal is properly applied. Applying to cold or unclean surfaces will greatly reduce the lifespan of your decal.
  • How do I apply my decal?
    Applying your Yellapony Customs decal is easy! Just follow these simple steps: 1. Completely clean and dry the desired application surface. For best results, use rubbing alcohol (be sure to test the area first.) If the surface has any dust on it or is very cold, you are greatly risking reducing the lifespan on your decal. 2. Carefully peel the backing paper from the decal at a sharp angle. If the decal does not come off of the backing paper, firmly run a credit card across the design and try again. 3. Align the decal and press it onto the desired surface. Firmly run the credit card across the transfer tape to make sure the decal adheres to the surface. (start at an edge and work your way across to avoid bubbles beneath the vinyl) 4. Slowly peel the transfer tape from the top of the decal. If any part of the decal starts to come up with the tape, run over that part of the decal with a credit card and try to peel the tape again.
  • Will these decals stick to fabric?
    The decals currently offered by Yellapony Customs will not permanently stick to fabric. Decals are made from a permanent high quality vinyl that is meant for solid, smooth surfaces.
  • When will my order ship?
    Yellapony Customs is a one-staff company, I do strive to get your order out in a timely manner and depending on the work load, your order will be processed/created/shipped within 7-14 days -- often sooner. However, during Holiday Season (November-December) the work load increases significantly while USPS shipping times decrease significantly thus I recommend ordering as early as possible to make sure your order is received on time.
  • I am unsatisfied with the order I received. What do I do?
    If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your order, please contact Yellapony Customs within 14 days of the delivery date of your order for assistance on how we can correct the issue.
  • Q: The order I received is damaged. What do I do?
    If the order you received is damaged, please contact Yellapony Customs immediately - no later than 14 days from the date of delivery - with a photo of your damaged item. Your satisfaction is important to us and we will resolve the problem.
  • I am looking for a specific breed, animal, or general design that is not offered on your site. What can I do?"
    Yellapony Customs is always looking for suggestions on different designs, breeds, and animals to add to the site. If you are looking for something specific, I welcome you to e-mail me your request at - When the design is made, it will be added to the site and you will be notified!
  • How do I become Sponsored by Yellapony Customs?
    Every year Yellapony opens up applications for a new team of company ambassadors. To apply, please visit the "Sponsorship" page and fill out an application.
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